Born to Charm whippets


                                    Litter "T" were born  02 February of 2020.

                                             We have 5 boys and 3 girls. 
                      mother: Born to Charm Rakkel 
                          father: Skräddaregardens Qantarel Usain B 

                                                pedigree of litter  



        Litter "Q" born 16 of july 2019

                    1 boy  and 2 girls
                     and Born to Charm Leonor
     Qwentin  3 months (Latvia)

 Qweeny 3 months (Russia)

Qweeky 2 months (Lithuania)

       Litter "S" were born 22 of detsember 2018

               Mother is oure fantastic Rowena 

                                             Father is " younger brtother" of oure Teodor.
  We have 4 boys and 3 girls. All puppies is brindle.
                      full pedigree of Litter "S"
                            Boys 9 weeks old
                      Born to Charm Sylvestr(Estonia)
                  Born to Charm Skipper( Latvia)

             Born to Charm Sherlok (Estonia)

       Born to Charm Super Apelsin(Germany)

                  Girls 9 weeks old
       Born to Charm Silvija (Estonia)

        Born to Charm Suzett(Estonia)

      Born to Charm Suzon(Latvia)



           Puppies litter"P" Born  19 of April 2018.
                     3 boys and 4 girls( all red brindel)

 Born to Charm Leonor                   Encatomś Poseidon from Ocean

                            Pedigree of Litter"P"



       Litter "O" were born 18 detsember  2016. 
           4 boys and 3 girls-   pedigree  litter HERE

              dam: Born to Charm Rowena
                        sir: Hookoplan Helder Postiga

                       Boys 5 weeks old
                            Girls 5 weeks old 
                                 Boy1   Ogusten(Estonia)
                                 Boy 2  Orsino(Estonia)
                                Boy 3  Ozzy(Estonia)
                    Boy 4 Orlando Magic(Estonia)
                            Girl 1  Omella(Estonia)
                                Girl 2  Oona(Finland)
                             Girl 3  Ornella(Estonia)

                     Litter "N" was born 25 of October 2015.
                          4 boys and 4 girls
                            Puppies pedigree HERE
                Litter`s pedigree has collected the best blood of old Europe,
                   Sweeden and Amerika.

                               Boys 6 weeks old
                                  Noell (Estonia)
                          North Star  (Estonia)
                          Newton  (Estonia)
                            Noble Boy (Lithuania)
                              Girls 6 weeks old
                           Noella  (Finland)
                           Noreen  (Estonia)
                             Norie (Lithuania)
                               Nimfa  (Russia)
                                 Boys 1 months old
                                     "Noble Boy" 
                                 "North Star"
                               Girls 1 months old
                                      " Nimfa"
                                        " Norie"
       Mother of  litter "N" is "Sima" or IM Blueskies Sommaren Är Kort 
                               Pedigree of "N" litter
                  and Father oure handsom "Jager" or Born to Charm Mik Jager

                                  Litter "L" was born 9 -02-2014

                                                                         4 Boys and 4 girls
                         Boys: Blue Fawn, Dark Brindel and white, Fawn with Blue brindle, Blue brindle with White.
                              Girls: Dark Brindle with White,  White, White with Dark ears, Dark Brindle
                 Mom of  puppies - oure young star Born to Charm Rakkel "Kiki"
                                Dad - oure faumose Teodor Circus Maximus "Teodor"
                                                                    Pedigree at The Whippet Archives

 Teodor is first European Junior Winner from whippets from Baltic Countries.  He won titel Eoropean  Junior Winner`2006  in Helsinki , Finland.
His sonDellandros Archie Elliot was first (from Baltics) European Lure Coursing Winner 2009
His children from  my litter"M"  Marisol and Mik Jager  were first whippet from Estonia who won in Finland.
They have become Finnish Junior Winner`09 and Nordic Junior Winner`09!!! 
 My own Born to Charm Marisol champion of 7 countries, International Champion of Beauty and Lure Coursing Champion. 
Rakkel"Kiki" - oure young hope. She is a daughter of  European Junior Winner`07 Ursula Circus Magicus and World Winner`12 Goldrush Di Mahana.
In tender  age 4 month she won Best in Show Baby at the European Sighthound  Club Show. In age 7 month she won Best puppy at Finnish Winner`12.
On the first show in junior class - she was Best Female and BOO. 
 Boys "L" 2 weeks old
Girls "L" 2 week old
4 weeks old 
2.5months old
 Born to Charm Leonor (stay in kennel)
 Born to Charm Leon(Russia)
Born to Charm Leopold(Estonia)
 Born to Charm Lamira(Germany)
Born to Charm Leonard(Estonia)
Born to Charm Lucia(Estonia)
 Born to Charm La Piu Bella(Estonia)
Born to Charm Leonidy(Estonia)


  Litter "R"  born 6 Mai  2012 

5 girls and 2 boys.
4 girls from this litter live with me.  They are wonderful whippet girls with standart size(46-48 sm).
They are very succesfully showDogs and nice Lure Coursing whippets.
My new Star" Leonor" - Daughter of Born to Charm Rakkel  
 You can to see litter HERE.
3 month old
8 weeks old

             Ursula  6 year on the photo! 
Litter "M" were born 18.09.2008
 4 female and 3 male whippet puppies
                                    From this Litter (7 puppies) - 5 were very succesfully at the DOGshows.  They have many counries Champion tittels.
                               Nordic Junior Winner`09, Finnish Junior Winner`09 and fantastic results from Lure Coursing. 
                                                 Full results you can  to see HERE.
Mirabel, Mersedez, Liza, Marisol   17months old

 april 2010
 Born to Charm Marisol and Born to Charm Mik Jager in Slovenia, Velenje
European Dog Show 2010
Tallinn june2009
Ursula, Mersedez, Marisol 

 in summer 2009
 august  2009