Born to Charm whippets



                                                                We have  puppies. Born 16 july 2019.
                             Oure juniors from litter "P" finished Estonian Junior Champion.
                                                     They are 15 months old. 
                                       Born to Charm Pawlinka "Poppy" EST and LV J CH
                                          Born to Charm Perla Divina "Perla" EST J CH
                                         Born to Charm Playboy "Eddie" EST J CH
                                          Born to Charm Paladin "Picco" EST J CH

                                  03.08.2019 Estonia. " Estonian Master`19" lurecoursing
                              Born to Charm Noell 511 points(1 from 4) CACL standart whippet
                             Born to Charm Newton 489 points(1 from 3) CALsprinter whippet

                                    21.07.2019 Latvia. "Latvian Winner`19" lurecoursing
                               Born to Charm Noell 513(1/8) points CACL, CACIL, "Latvian Winner´19"
                                Born to Charm Newton 504(3/7) ponts CACL

                                    02.06.2019 Tallinn, Estonia "Estonian Winner`19"
                                 Born to Charm Leonor BOB, BIG2, "Est W`19"
                                    her kids Paladin and Pawlinka were 2-h in junior class.
                                judge  of breed Fausto Cavalieri and BIG jugde  A. Landarte


                                        30.03.19 Warsawa, Poland. IDS judge A.Ostrowski.
                              Leonor won champion class = PL CH, Omella was 4/7 in open class. 

                                         26+ 27.01.2019 Narva, 02+03.02.2019 Valga, Estonia
                                 First time in Junior class Pawlinka and Paladin.
                                         Pawlinka 4 x JCAC, BOBJun and 4x 2-th Best Female.
                                         Paladin  3 x J CAC, BOS Jun, 2x Best Male. 
                                on Narva  national Dog show Omella 2 x BOB and 2x BIG2

                                          12.01.2019 Tartu, Estonia. judge Joyce O`Connor
                                   Omella - Best in Breed, BIG1, Estonian Ch( LV, LTu,RU)
                                           13.01.2019 Tartu, Estonia. judge Tiina Taolus
                                    Ornella - Best in Breed, BIG1, Estonian Ch. 

                                       16.12.2018 St.Peterburg, Russia . Int dogshow
                                     Born to Charm Omella  CAC,CACIB,BOB,BIG3
                                          and Noell CAC, CACIB, BOS(on conformition CIB)
                                                                      4.11.2018 Tartu , Estonia INT judge Robert Kotlar (Hungari)
                                                             Born to Charm Omella intermedia 1 ex, CACIB , Best of Breed and BIG3

                                                                6.10.2018 Valmiera, Latvia, Judge Guörgy Tesics(Hungary)
                                                    Born to Charm Omella CAC, BOB, Best in Group 1.
                                                                   7.10.2018 Siauliau, Lithuania.
                                                 Born to Charm Omella CAC, BOS
                                                      Born to Charm Newton CAC from open class
                                                              Born to Charm North Star ex2 in champion class
                                                                      19.08.2018 Tallinn,Estonia "Baltic Winner`18" judge G. Jipping
                                                     Born to Charm Noell ex3 in ch class and Best male 4
                                                          Born to Charm Omella ex1 in intermedia class
                                                   Born to Charm Leonor Best in Breed, Baltic Winner`18  and BIG3

                                                                      3.06.2018 Tallin, Estonia "Estonian Winner`18"
                                                          Born to Charm Ogusten (owner Igor Movtchan) Best Junior , Best male
                                                 Estonian Junior Winner`18 and Estonian Winner`18
                                                          Born to Charm Omella Estonian Junior Winner`18, judge Z.Silva(Portugal)
                                                                        2.06.2018 Tallinn, Estonia Special show for 10 group
                                                           Born to Charm Ogusten Jun CAC and Best male 2. 
                                                                  26 and 27 .06.2018 Võru 2 national show
                                                   Born to Charm North Star BOS (sat) and
                                                           Born to Charm Orsino Jun CAC, Jun BOB and BOS(sund)
                                                                  22.04.2018 Riga,Latvia judge  I. Beradze.
                                                      Born to Charm Omella Jun cac, BOB and BIG1
                                                                18.03.2018   Narva, Estonia INT  judge Monika Blaha(Austria)
                                                                 Born to Charm Omella CACIB, BOB, BIG2
                                                                               and Noell CACIB, BOS
                                                                   27 and 28-01.2018 Narva NatDogshow
                                                        Born to Charm Ornella 2X jun CAC, 2x BOB and BIG4
                                                           Born to Charm Ogusten 2Xjun CAC , Best male2 and BOS(sunday)

                                                                        13 and 14-01-2018 Tartu, Estonia Nat.dogshow
                                                            Born to Charm Newton BOB and BIG3;
                                                                                    Born to Charm Ornella Jun CAC , BOS

                                                                 30-12.2017 Pskov, Russia Nat dogshow. 
                                                                     Born to Charm Omella BOB, BIG1 and BIS2!!!!!

                                  Nordic Winner`17 and Finnish Winner`17 in Helsinki, Finland.
                              9-12-2017 Born to Charm Ogusten 2-th SK in junior class(from 15 jun.males)
                                                              Born to Charm Omella 2-th SK in junior class(from 11 jun.females)
                                                                 judge C. Coppel(France)
                                                        10-12-2017 Born to Charm Omella 3-th in junior class
                                                                  Ogusten  ex in junior class. 

                                                                    3 and 4 -11-2017 Tartu, Estonia INT dogshow.
                                                   Noell 2x Res-CACIB, Best Male 2, Omella junCAC , Best Female 2. 

                                                       21-10-2017 Rakvere, Estonia. judge Karl-Erik Johanson(Sweden)
                                                Born to Charm Omella best Junior and Best in breed, BIG3
                                                           01-10-2017 Riga, Latvia INT.  "Noell " second best male.RES-CACIB
                                                        23-09-12017 Tallinn, Estonia INT judge Csaba Zsolt Lokodi(Rumenia)
                                                 Born to Charm Noell CACIB, BOS and Omella BEST in BREED
                                                                   20-08-2017 Tallinn, Estonia INT " Cruft`s qualifc"
                                           Born to Charm Leonor BEST Female, CACIB, Best in Breed and BIG 4
                                             Noell - Best male 2, RES CACIB and Omella Best puppy in breed.
                                              15-07-2017 Riga, Latvia. Sighthound scecial show " Latvian Club Winner`17"
                                                        Leonor  - Best of breed and Best in show 3 from 15 breeds.
                                         Noell - Best male 2 with LV CAC, Omella - Best in show puppy3. 

                                                    4-06-2017 Tallinn, Estonia. INT "Estonian Winner´17"
                                             Born to Charm Noell Best Male 2 with RES-Cacib, Leonor Best Female 2 with Cacib
                                                   Marisol Estonian Veteran Winner`17 and Best Female 4.   
                                            Oures babies "O" were first time on the show: Ogusten(on the photo) and Omella( best baby n breed) 

                                                       9.04.2017 Tallinn, Estonia. INT "Tallinn Winner`17"
                                               Born to Charm Noell Best Male 2 with Res-Cacib
                                                Born To Charm Marisol Best Veteran in Breed "Tallinn veteran Winner`17"           
                                                      judge E. Gonzales , Gibraltar.

                                                              28.01,2017 Kaunas, Lithuania INT dogshow
                                                    Born to Charm Noell - Best Male with CAC and CACIB, 
                                                          Norie  ex1/3 JUN CAC , North Star ex1/2 Jun CAC, BOBjunior
                                                             29.01.2017 Kaunas, Lithuania INT dogshow
                                                                 Noell - JUNCAC, Best of Breed, BIG 3
                                                           Norie - ex2/3; North Star- int. class 1/3 with CAC
                                                                                   on the foto Norie and Noell. Photo by Anita Sandgvist.

                                             14.01.2017 Tallinn, Estonia dogshow for group 10 and 4. judge Arne Foss(Norway)
                                                              Born to Charm Noreen and Noel finishided EST J Ch.
                                          Noell was Best junior in Breed,  BOO and BIS junior 2!!!
                                        Marisol - Best veteran  in breed and BIS veteran3.  BIS brace2 Noell and Marisol.
                                                                                          and        BIS kennel 2 
                                                                     11-12-2016 Helsinki, Finland IDS"Finnish Winner`16"
                                                   Noell was 2-th with CK in junior class from 10 males and "Leonor" 3-th in champion class
                                                                           and 3-th BEST FEMALE!!!!
                                                              "Thank you" to judge Jussi Liimatainen(Finland)
                                                             6 -11-2016 Tartu, Estonia INT dogshow judge Katrin Raie(EST) 
                                                 Born to Charm Noell ex1/4 in junior class - EST J CAC, Best Male, BOO

                                                            13-11-2016 Riga, Latvia "BALTIC  Winner`16"
                                                                                judge Roberto Velez Pico(Puerto Rico)
                                                 Born to Charm Noell Balt Junior Winner`16 with Lv J CAC and Best Male 3.
                                                 "Leonor" ex2 in champion class and Best Female 2 with Res-Cacib
                                                 " Marisol" BOB-veteran, Baltic Veteran Winner`16 and Best Female 4.

                                                       21-08-2016 Tallinn, Estonia. INT dogshow .  My Beautiful "Leonor" won her 7-th cacib and now
                                                                        she is International Champion.  She was BOB and BIG-3!
                                August 2016     Litter "N" was first time in junior class.
                       They were very well: Noreen, Noell, North Star, Newton won by 1 jun cac.
                              Nimfa close her Russian Junior Champion.
                        Also  they were Bob junior, Bos junior and BOB. 
                                                             Great news from june:
                                                       4-06-2016 Tallinn,  Estonian  sighthound Club Show. judge Hans Almregen(Sweden)
                                             First time 4 puppies from litter "N" were together on the show. All got ex and very promesing.
                                       Born to Charm Noell - best puppy  in breed and BIS puppy 2, Noreen was BOS puppy.
                                         "Leonor" Best in Breed and "Leon" BOS and new Estonian CH. 
                                                       5-06-2016 Tallin, Estonia INT dogshow "Estonian Winner`16" judge Anette Edlander (Sweden)
                                             "Leonor" Best Female 2 and Res-Cacib, "Leon" best male3 with CAC. 

                                                      12-06-2016  Riga, Latvian sighthound Club show. judge A. Van Den Broek ( Niderlands)
                                           "Leonor " best female 2, "Leon" Best male 2 and "Noell" best puppy in breed and BIS puppy 1. 
                                                      18-06-2016 Kotka, Finland INT dogshow, judge Matti Tuominen( Finland)
                                            "Leonor" Best Female, CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed and BIG4, "Leon" best male CAC , CACIB = FIN CH

                                                     25-06-2016 Moskow, Russia. WORLD DOG SHOW `2016 , judge Lithbet Maht 
                                             "Leonor " open class winner from 14 females and "Leon " ex2 in champion class!!!!

                             Show news from may:
                       Oure dear Leon (Born to Charm Leon) stay with us 2 months.
                         01-05-2016 St.Peterburg , Russia INT dogshow judge A. Cronander(Sweden)
                                     "Leon" ex2 in champ class, "Leonor" ex2 in champ class
                                   01-05-2016 St. Peterburg, Russia "Champion of Club" 
                                          National Club of Whippets of Russia, judge E.augustyniak(Poland)
                                       "Leon" ex1 in champion class and "Leonor" ex1 in champion class Best Female and
                                                         Champion of Club

                                     14-05-2016  Lodz, Poland INT dogshow, judge Manuel Borges(Portugal)
                                       "Leon" ex2 in champ class, "Leonor" ex4 in open class and
                                         their mom "Kiki" Born to Charm Rakkel was ex2 in champ class 
                                                              and Best Female with Res-Cacib
                                     22-05-2016 Hamina, Finland INT dogshow, judge Barbara Ruth Smith(Sweden)
                                        "Leon" ex1/8 from open class and Best male 3(from 14 males) with Res-cac and Res-cacib.
                                            "Rowena" ex2/4 in champion class
                                                 Welcome to 2016 !
                            06-03-2016 Tallinn, Estonia.  "Leonor" Best of Breed and BIG1
                                                  and it was first show for Noell. On age 4 months he was Best Baby in breed. 
                                                       26,27,28 -02-2016 ST . Peterburg, Russia. 3 X INT dogshow
                                      Rowena CAC, CACIB,BOO; Rebekka CAC, CACIB,BOO = RUS CH and CIB!!!
                                                           Renata CAC,CACIB, BOB 

                                                Oure small Leonor is finished 2015 show year in her style ;)

                                  19 and 20.12.2015 Vilnius, Lithuania. 2 INT dogshow 2X Cacib and BOB


                                                          6.12.2015 Helsinki, Finland "Finnish Winner`15" judge Galvin Robertson(UK)
                                                                  Born to Charm Leonor was ex4 in intermedia class from 10.
                                                                                                                                photo by Vilma Jurgen
                                                          15.11.2015 Riga,Latvia INT "Riga Winner`15",judge Eli-Marie Klepp(No)
                                                           "Leonor" CAC, CACIB, BOB and BIG 3
                                                           7.11.2015 Tartu, Estonia INT  "Leonor"  Best Female 2 and Res Cacib
                                                                                            judge Francesco Cochetti (Portugal)
                                                                                                                  foto by Laura and Kadri Tomson
                                                           25.10.2015 Panevezic, Lithuania. Judge Elena Kruus(Est)
                                                                     "Rowena" CAC, BOO = LTU CH

                                                               29 and 30.08.2015 Minsk, Belorussia INT dogshow "Winner2015"
                                                                  Born to Charm Rakkel 2xBOB,2 CAC, 2CACIB, first day Best in Group 1
                                                                  Now Kiki is Champion of 6 countries and Inter Champion :)
                                                                  23.08.2015 Tallin, Estonia INT dogshow"Baltic Winner`15"
                                             Born to Charm Leonor Baltic Winner, Cacib,BOO; Renata Best Female 2 Res-Cacib
                                                       Rakkel ex2 in champion class and Best Female 4; Jager ex2, Res-Cacib, Best male3.
                                                                 15.08.2015 Kotka, Finland INT dogshow. Renata ex2, CK  in open class.
                                                                 09.08.2015 Pskov, Russia INT dogshow. Leonor CAC, CACIB
                                                           01 and 02.08.2015 Donaueschingen, German. "Sighthound Festival 2015"
                                                          Leonor was "exelent" both days. Under Thomas Münch she was in 8 from18.
                                                                   28.06.2015 Riga, Latvia INT dogshow "Latvian Winner`2015"
                                                 Born to Charm Leonor Latvian Junior Winner`15, Best of Breed, BIG1 and 
                                                      Best in Show 4 !!! Thank you to judge Vlastislav Vojtek(SK) and Horst Kliebenstein(DE)
                                                                                                                               foto by Ligita Zake
                                                                     31.05.2015 Tallinn, Estonia INT judge Helina Simberg(Estonia)
                                                   Born To Charm  Leonor - Estonian Junior Winner`15 and Estonian Winner`15
                                                                        23.05.2015 Hamina, Finland INT judg Rudi Brandt(Denmark)
                                                             "Bean" ex in open class and "Rowena" ex2 in open class,
                                                                         03.05.2015 Lodz,Poland. judge Joao Vasco Pocas(Portugal)
                                                              Born toCharm Rowena CAC, CACIB =Polish CH
                                                             Born to Charm Leonor  winner of junior class(from 7 girls) and BOS
                                                             Bona Diva Star Sapphire"Bean" CAC, Res-CACIB`= Polish CH
                                                                          22.03.2015 Riga , Latvia. judge L . Catalan(Portugal)
                                                               Born to Charm Rebekka CAC, CACIB, BOO
                                                               Born to Charm Leonor J CAC, Best female2 

                                                                                                    07.03.2015 and 08.03.2015 Vilnius, Lithuania
                                                                                        Born to Charm Renata 2 x CACIB,2 X BOB, Lithuanian winner`15
                                                                  Born to Charm Leonor 2x J CAC, 2x best junior, Lithuanian Junior Winner`15
                                                                  Born to Charm Mik Jager 2 x CAC , Res-CACIB= CACIB
                                                                         and Leonor did it again: Best in Show Junior 3

                                                                           28.02.2015 and 01.03.2015 MINSK ,BELARUSSIA  

                                                                         Born to Charm Rowena 2 x CACIB, Belarussian CH
                                                                            Born to Charm Mik Jager CACIB, BOB, BIG 4 
                                                                                                                                           judge Marina Ostrovskaja(Russia)

                                             Just FANTASTIS start of new year.

                                        Oure young Leonor has 4 shows in january:

                                                                                Tartum Estonia 10 and 11 .01.2015 She was 2X BOB, BIG3 and BIG2
                                     Narva, Estonia 24 .01.2015  Best of breed, new Estonia Junior Champion, BIG3
                                                  Narva, Estonia 25.01.2015  Best of breed, group WINNER  

                                                         BEST IN SHOW 2!!!!!!

                                                                                                                                                                           photo by Kadi Haljand                                                                                            
                                                            breed judge Calin Marginenau(Romania), groupe judge Massimiliano Mannucci(Italy),

                                                                     BIS judge  Zeljko Zilnik (Croatia)


                                          Happy New Year2015

                                                                                                   28-12-2014 Pskov, Russia. judge Marina Ostrovskaja.
                                           Born to Charm Leonor BOB junior, BOB, BIG1 and Best in Show Junior 2-th!!!!
                                                                               20 and21 -12-2014 Vilnius, Lithuania. INT show. "Kiki" 2 X ex1 in champion class.
                                            21 detsember she was Best of breed and Best in Group1 !!!! CAC, CACIB = LTH CH
                                                                                      judge Joan Walsh.


                                06 and 07.12.2014Helsinki and Finnish Winner`14

                                                                          That show was for oure juniors: Born to Charm Leon and Leonor .
                           I am very proud for my babies-at HelsinkiWinner(83 whippets) they both were 2-th in juniors class, 
                                          also Leonor was 5-th best female!!!! "Thank you " to judge Beradze Iuza(Czh).

                                            23-11-2014 Riga, Latvia. INT dog show, judge Goran Bodegard (Sweden):

                                   "Rowena" 2-th best female with CAC (Latvian CH) and RES CACIB= CACIB

                                          8-11-2014 Tartu , Estonia INTdogshow:" Kiki"  Best femaleCACIBand BOS
                                                 24 and 25-10.2014 Brno, Czhech Repbilk. EUROPIAN WINNER´14 
                                        on the national dogshow Rowena and Rakkel were 2-th in open and champion class.
                                 On the EUW Rakkel gоt ex in champion class and Teodor was 3-th in veteran class.
                                             27 and 28-09-2014 "Renata"  both days at national dog show in Tallina was BOB!
                                                                            also firsth day BIG4 .

                        13,14-09-2014 Lure coursing .  "Bean"   2xCAC LC and CACIL

                                                                                                  Born to Charm Rebekka and Rowena
                                                         August 2014 :
                                     2-08-14 Pskov, Russia.  "Bean" CAC and Res-CACIB, "Kiki" CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG2 
                                                                9-08-14   Helsinki, Finland   "World Winner`2014" "Kiki" ex 4 in open class from 21 females
                                     30-08-14 Väimela, Estonia . "Renata" CAC,BOB and BIG3 
                                                     Born to Charm Rakkel and me on World Winner`2014. photo by Pille Saar. 
                                                                            July 2014:
                                   13-07-14 Ogre, Latvia. "Kiki" CAC, BOB and BIG3 = Lv CH
                                 19-07-14 Põlva, Estonia. "Kiki" CAC,BOB=EST CH and BIG4. 20-07-14 Tartu, Estonia "Rebekka" CAC=EST CH
                                 27-07-14  Riga, Latvia. Sighthound "Club Winner`14" show:
                                      "Renata" ex2 in open class and BB3 ; "Teodor" Best Male 2, BOB Veteran and Best in show Veteran!!!
                                                            Oure new hope and star "Leonor" Best baby on show!!!!


                     Me and my mom got a wonderful birthday gifts from oure girls in june !!!

                                                       14-06.2014 Weekend in Finland. 
                                      Kotka INT dogshow "Sima " ex 1 from ch class, CAC, CACIB , BOB and BIG3 
                                             She finished her INTERNATIONAL CH and MULT CH
                                                                     "Renata" ex1 from open class and BB3  with res-CAC 
                                     Mustiala  Special 10 group show "Kiki" was ex1 from open class and BB3 with CAC 
                                                    21-06-2014  Luige,Estonia  "Rowena" ex1 in open class CAC and BOO(= EST CH) 
                                                    28 and 29 -06-2014  Harjumaa, Estonia Lurecoursing.
                                                     "Rowena"  both days best standart whippet by points.  
                                              10-05-2014 Türi, Estonia. Huntingdog show.
                                                  "Marisol "  BOB and  BIS 2 working dog
                                            8-03-2014 Vilnius, Lithuania. INT dog show
                                              "Rowena"   Res-CACIB = CACIB and "Bean" RES-CACIB = CACIB
                                                                      judge Aleksei Belkin.
                                                  26-01-2014 Narva, Estonia. "Bean" CAC= Estonian CH. BOB and BIG1 
                                                                   breed and group   jugde Miclos Levente
                                                                                        23 and 24 -11-2013 Minsk, Belarussia  2 x CACIB show
                                                                  New Bellarusian Champion 2x CACIB, BOB, BIG1 Born to Charm Rebekka
                                                                    My gorgeous  white girl Marisol is 5 year old- Happy birthday for all Litter "M"
                                              Wonderful gift for birthday  her INTERNATIONAL  CHAMPION and
                                                    WIN at the show in Minsk, Belarussia.
                                    She was both day Best of Breed and won Best in group 2 and Best in group1 !!!!
                                                    Marisol - Belarussian Champion and Belarussian Winner`13
                                                    Rakkel - Belarussian junior champion and Belarussian Junior Winner`13.
                                                    Bean - Belarussian Champion 

                                                    Young girls have lure coursing litsens and first LC CAC

                                                                                       14 and 15 september Lure Coursing Competition. Rebekka 502 points RES-CACIL,
                                                                               Rowena 409 points LC CAC,   Bean   487 and 475 points .

                                            We spent very produktive long and sunny summer.

                                    All  my girls from litter "R"   are  Estonian and Latvian junior Champions

                                        Rebekka was 4 x Best of breed, 2 x Big2 and Big3. Rowena 2 x Best of breed, Big 5, Big4, Big 3.



                                                   2_06_13 Tallin, Estonia  ESTONIAN WINNER 2013 "Kiki" Estonian Junior Winner`13  
                                                      "Bean"  best male 2 and RES CACIB, "Jager" Best male 3
                                                           "Teodor" Best male 4  and ESTONIAN VETERAN WINNER´13
                                                             Born to Charm Rakkel "Kiki" was BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR 2 
                                                   "Ursula" WON BEST IN SHOW PROGENY CLASS 2 
                                                                     Born to Charm Marisol , Mik Jager, Rakkel and Rowena

                                       18_05_2013 European Sighthound Club Gögöllö, Hungari. Judge Ake Cronander,Sweeden

                                            "Kiki"  ex in junior class, "Bean" 4-th in intemedia class, "Marisol" ex1 and CAC in woking class
                                        19_05_2013 WorldWinner 2013 Budapest, Hungari. Judge Espen Engh, Norway
                                                           "Kiki"  ex in junior class
                                      11_05_2013 Türi, Estonia. "Rowena" ex2 in junior class. Judge Attila Czegledi, Hungari
                                    28_04_2013 Lahti, Finland INT dogshow. Judge Francesco Cochetti, Italy
                                             "Bean" intermedia class1 and Best Dog 4 with Res-CAC
                                             "Sima" champion class 1 and Best Female 2 with CACIB and Res-CAC
                                             "Velma" Born to Charm Rikarda ex3 in junior class
                                                                                                             photo by Kirsi Aalto
                                      14_04_2013 Tallin, Estonia . My handsom "Teodor "won "Junior Handler" competition ;)
                                                          with Liis-Mari Piho(Estonia)
                                       02_03_2013 Tallinn, Estonia "Kiki" J CAC, BOB
                                                          Vilnius, Lithuania "Bean" J CAC Lithuanian junior Winner`13
                                       03_03_2013  Tallinn, Estonia "Kiki" J CAC, BOB = Est J CH
                                                          Vilnius, Lithuania "Bean" CAC, Best dog2 Res-CACIB
                                                      Good start at the dogshow for juniors "R" litter
                                 09_02_2013 Valmiera, Latvia Born to Charm Rowena J CAC , BOB, BIG5
                                       10_02_2013  Valmiera, Latvia Born to Charm Renata J CAC
                                       09_02_2013  Tallinn, Estonia INT  Born to Charm Rakkel JCAC, J BOO, BB1-BOO
                                                        Born to Charm Marisol 3-th in champion class and BB5
                                                        Bona Diva Star Sapphire BD2 and CACIB
                                                                     Handling Laura Tomson, photo Kadri Tomson
                                                               HAPPY NEW 2013 YEAR
                                         First dog show in this year and first show in veteran class for my handsom Teodor
                                    12 and 13 january 2013Tartu, Estonia - Teodor Circus Maximus both days BEST VETERAN
                                                          and  Born to Charm Renata and Rowena best puppy 
                                                                    on the foto Teodor and Rowena 
                                                                 9-12-2012 Helsinki, FINNISH WINNER´12
                                Born to Charm Rakkel BOBpuppy and Bona Diva Star Sapphire  Finnish Junior Winner´12
                                                                          Thank you, Laura  ;))
                                                            Two first shows in puppy class for my girls ;)
                                               10.11.2012 Riga Special sighthound show, judge M.Wieremiezczyk-Wierzchowska
                                                             Born to Charm Rowena(BIS puppy 3) and Rebekka
                                                11.11.2012  Riga, Latvia  INT  judge Andriana Bocca Griffa
                                                              Born to Charm Rakkel  
                                                   03.11.12 and 04.11.12 Two INT dogshow in Tartu, Estonia
                                                           "Marisol" both day Res-Cacib(BB2 and BB3)
                                                     "Bean" 2x J CAC, BOO junior, BD4 and BOB junior , BD2
                                                  Now he is Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish junior champion

                                                              Just wonderful weekend in Poland

                                           08-09-2012Czestochowa, Poland   FCI - Euro SIGHTHOUND Show
                                                          Litter "R" girls first time on the show in baby class. 
                                               Born to Charm Rakkel won BOB baby and BISbaby 1, her sister Rikarda  was 4-th. 
                                                    " Marisol"  ex1 in working class CAC= Polish Champion, BIS working Dog 2
                                                      Bona Diva Star Sapphire   FCI Euro SIGHTHOUNDJunior 2012
                                                                  judge Magnus Hagstedt , Sweeden(whippet`s kennel Signum)
                                  On the way home there was a trouble with my car. Many thanks to Polish truck drivers - they helped me.
                                                               Yvonne ;)) you husband is a great person!!!!!
                                                                        19-08-2012 Tallinn,Estonia "Baltic Winner`12"
                                              Very much water ;))) but nice results. Bona Diva Star Sapphir JCAC=Balt J W`12
                                                     IM Blueiskies Somaren Är  Kort "Sima"  CACIB and BALT W`12
                                                                          Thank you judge Barbka Novak
                                                                                                            photo by Jane Jago
                                                                  Nice weekend 21-22.07.2012
                                            Oure new whippet-boy Bona Diva Star Sapphire  was 2-th(from 6) in puppy class
                                                   at Sighthound special show in Helsinki, Finland.  Nice results, Laura!!!
                                                "Sima" at the Räpina dog show won CAC= EST CH, BOB and BIG2
                                                                  Great job, Olga
                                                        Good news from European Lure Coursing`12
                                                      "Bella" was 36 from 57 whippets with 511 points ,
                                               Mery " Satangin Merry Making" 506 points and #46
                                                       Congratulations Sergei, Natasha and Martin ;) 
                                               Räp "Dellandros Archie Elliot" (son of Teodor) #27 with 529 points
                                                                VIDEO  from Eur LC, Thank you Janika. 
                                                        Intoduce oure new male whippet Bona Diva Star Sapphire
                                                        he lives with Laura Tomson and  her dogs ;))))
                                                 3-06-2012  Tallinn INT dog show"Estonian Winner`12"
                                              "Marisol" won CACIB- BOO-EST W`12 = Cruft`s qualifkation
                                                            judge  Jose Homem de Mello
                                            Just wonderful weekend in Salzburg,Austria  on the World Winner dog show!!!!!!
                                  Marisol won working class with CAC.  Sima - ex3 in open class(between 26 bitchs in class) and ex2 on the Club Show .
                                            Grandfather of Marisol Cobyco Center Piece Veteran WORLD WINNER `12
                                            father of ours new litter  Goldrush Di Mahana is WORL WINNER `12

                                                                      Marisol is FINISH CHAMPION!!!!! We are very glad and proud ;))))
                                                            12-05-2010 Hamina, Finland INT dogshow, CAC, CACIB, BOB and BIG4!!!!!!

                                                                                                    Puppies is born Mai 6 2012 !!!!!!!!
                                                                           We are very glad;))))))
                                                                                                                        Welcom 2012!!!!
                                                                                         5-02-2012  Very cold day( -28 C`) but  successfull day on Match Show in Tartu
                                                                                       Laura showed Marisol, Teodor, Elly and Hedera.
                                                                                        She was BEST JUNIOR HANDLER on the show with Marisol and 
                                                                                             Elly-Hedera BIS 2  in couple competision ;)))))
                                                                                                Teodor was 1-th in blue ribbon dogs!!!!
                                                                                                        Thank you judge Rita Teek ;)))
                                                                                                                We just enjoy a LIFE ;))))))))
                                                                                                                                                                                   foto by Laura Tomson

                                                                                                     18-09-2011     Today litter "M" 3 year old :)) 
                                                             Marisol make wonderful gift- now she is not only
                                                           EST,LV J CH, FIN J W09, EST, LV,LTU,RUS CH
                                                            and Estonian Lure Coursing Champion!!!
                                                                              jugde Tapio Pulkkinen ,Maria Nisillä FIN

                                                                    VIDEO     Marisol white in Blue
                                                        17-09-2011  "Mariosol" 484,5 points LC CAC Best whippet of day
                                                                          " Ursula" 451,5 points Best standart whippet
                                                                                              "Bella" 412,5 points
                                                                      18-06-2011   "Marisol" 436 points   Best whippet of day
                                                                                             "Ursula" 216 points "Bella" 191 points
                                                                   11-09-2011      1-st Latvian Coursing Championship!!!
                                                                      "Bella" 354 points 4/13   (max400 points)
                                                                       "Ursula" 352 points 6/13
                                                                                         " Eco" 350 points 8/13 
                                                                                  10-09-2011  Erkrath-Hochdahl, Germani.
                                                                            Special Sighthound show jugde Gererd Jipping, NL.
                                                                                                 Marisol ex3 in open class .
                                                                                                 "Marisol"   Summer`s  end  two days in Finland
                                                                          her finish champion was so close
                                                                     20-08-2011 Kouvola  ex1 in champion class and Best Bitch 2 - RES CAC
                                                                     21-08-2011 Heinola  ex3  in champion class and Best Bitch 4 - RES CAC
                                                                                                    13-08-2011 Harjumaa, Estonia  Lure Coursing: 
                                                                  "Marisol"  464 points LC CAC
                                                                                  "Bella"       446 points  LC CAC
                                                                                                            05-08-2011 Druskininkai, Lithuania INT
                                                                            "Marisol" CAC,CACIB BOB and "Sima" CAC RES-CACIB
                                                                                                                              Born to Charm Marisol and Woodbrook`s I FEEL SO FINE
                                                                                                                                                            judge Yolanda Nagler Magal (Israel)


                                                                                            24-07-2011 Sweden.  We are visited  "Skokloster" sighthound special show.

                                                                                                                                         9-07-2011 Viljandi, Estonia 
                                                                                           "Teodor" BOO and " Liza" BB2 CAC= EST CH
                                                                                            "Elly" (daugther of Teodor)  BOB, BIG3
                                                                                                                                 Congratulations to Laura Tomson   :))))  

                                                                Very  hot and suny lure coursing  weekend
                                                                                                           2-07-2011  "Bella" 491 points  "Jager" 460 points "Marisol" 515 points and res-CAC
                                                                                3-07-2011  "Bella" 392 points   "Jager" 311 points  and
                                                                                                   mammy "Ursula"  488 points and RES-CACIL
                                                                                                                                                       and wonderful final of day
                                                                                                             Winner was Dellandros Archie Elliot son of Teodor Circus Maximus

                                                                                                 Now he is International Champion of Lure Coursing, EuropeanLC W`2009
                                                                         Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungaria LC champion on  conformation.
                                                                                                           05-06-2011  Tallinn,Estonia INT "Estonian Winner`11"
                                                                                      "Marisol"  ex1 in ch classs and RES-CACIB
                                                                                                                          We are very happy and proud!!!!!
                                                                            15-05-2011 Harjumaa, Estonia INT lure coursing competition
                                                                                              "Mirabel"   470   points  CAC,   CACIL
                                                                                             " Jager  "    460   points   CAC,    Res-CACIL

                                                                                                                                    Succesful Weekend       
                                                                         Double CACIB show in Vilnius, Lithuania. "Marisol"  - between 7 bitches(in champion class):
                                                                            19-03-2011   3-th in champion class, judge Marianne Holm, Finland
                                                                            20-03.2011    1-th in champion class, judge Helina Jürgens-Simberg, Estonia
                                                         We  met  our cousin ;)) Circus Magicus Galatea and her owner RimaTrepenaitiene
                                                                                                                                                        Her Majesty Dominija Res-CACIB
                                                                                                                                                        Atlantic Breeze Lancar Keyzer CACIB, BOB
                                                                                                                                                        Born to Charm Marisol

                                                                                              19-03-2011 Great news from Spain. INT show in Girona
                                                                      Our dear friends Julia and Marta first time on the show in Spain
                                                                     Irish Soft Coat Wheaten Terrier Modny Style  Je M`apelle Marta
                                                                                                         CAC, CACIB BOB!!!
                                                                                                                                                                   foto by Ana Aivar Carrion
                                                                                   13-03-2011 Riga, Latvia Sighthound special show
                                                    "Marisol" ex2 in champion class and Best bitch2 , CAC= LV CH
                                                     "Sima"  ex1 in junior class,  LV J CAC, BOB junior and BISjunior 2 
                                                                               judge Gyorgy Tesics 
                                                    27-02-2011 Sankt-Peterburg, Russia INT "Marisol" CAC, RES-CACIB= RUS CH
                                                                                judge Vladimir Aleksandrov
                                                        13-02-2011 Tallinn, Estonia INT  Monika Gediminaite(Lithuania)
                                                            Best junior handler on this day ;)  with help oure  "Marisol"
                                                         13-02-2011 Tallinn, Estonia INT  "Ursula" RES-CACIB, BB2
                                                 "Liza"  3-th in open class and "Sima"  EST J CAC, Best of breed junior
                                                                             judge Igor Selimovic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  photo by Laura Tomson
                                                                                                                12-12-2010   Riga, Latvia. Christmas Singhthound Specialty
                                                              Born to Charm Marilyn Valensia "Liza" ex1 in open class and BB4.
                                                                      First time in Riga "Sima" best puppy and BISpuppy3
                                                                                 judge Jarmo Vuorenen, Finland
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  photo by Vasilij Romanenko

                                                                                                    27-11-2010  Sillamäe, Estonia  "Marisol" BOB, BIG 3 and "Jager "BOO. 
                                                                           Now they are EST CH :))) judge Piotr Krol
                                                                                                                          Thak you  Rita for help :))
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             photo by Laura Tomson

                                                                                                    7-11-2010 Tartu INT  "Marisol" ex3 in open class
                                                                                                                                                                             photo by Laura Tomson
                                                                                                          Good news from Spain ;)))  My  dear friends Julia and Marta live now at Barcelona
                                                                              23-24.10.2010  Agility DEBUT on Olympic Stadion, BCN`92
                                                                                                                                          We wish to them new sport results and wins!!!  VIDEO

We are back from Slovenia.
Thank you my friends - for the wonderful trip!
 2-10-2010 Celje, Slovenia European Dog Show
Born to Charm Marisol ex3 in open class, judgeFrank Kane 
2-th place Rivarco Tinuviel           
3-th place Born to Charm Marisol
1-10-2010 Velenje, Slovenia. 17.Special Sighthound Show.  Judge Per Iversen
Born to Charm Marisol ex2 in open class  ResCAC
Born to Charm Mik Jager ex3 in open class
Best wishes to their owners!
29-08-2010 Pärnu, Estonia-  Lure coursing:
Born to Charm Mirabel "Bella" got 512 points!!! and LC res-cac.

                                                                                      photo by Karli Saul
28-08-2010 Pskov, Russia. "Liza" CAC, CACIB BOB
20-08-2010 G. Novgorod, Russia. "Liza" CAC,CACIB  BOB
we are  glad  to itroduce our new whippet- friend

01-08-2010 Riga, Latvia."ClubWinner2010" "Marisol" ex2 in open class.
24-07-2010 Ukmerge, Lithuania. "Marisol" CAC
10-07-2010 Räpina, Estonia. "Liza" CAC= EST CH

                      photo by Jane Jago
20-06-2010 Moletai, Lithuania INT dog show judge Espen Engh
"Marisol"  ex1 CAC, Res-CACIB
"Maris" ex1CAC

 My darling Edjusha is 7years old:))
 Health and more owners love for her sisters and brothers

Wondertful summer beginning
6-06-2010 Tallinn, Estonia INT dog show "Estonian Winner`10"
"Jager "BOO , CACIB and Estonian winner 2010, Crufts qualification
"Elly" BB 2 Res-CACIB
05-06-2010 Pskov,Russia "Liza" CAC, BOB = RUS CH and CH RKF
Oksana and Vasilij Romanenkov kennel "Lancar Dream"
and Marina Slepneva
for their wonderful win on the FINISH WHIPPET CLUB SPECIAL SHOW
inTammela, Finland

  judge : Agneta Kappers and Hanne Berit Husby
between 159 whippets !!! 
Amber Sand Lancar Keyzer Best in Show
Song Sung Blue Golddust  BOS
Very  productive weekend ;)
Lure Coursing:
15-05-2010 Tallinn, Estonia. "Bella"  507 points LC CAC
"Marisol"  504 points LC CAC
"Eco" 481 points
"Ursula" 379 points
16-05-2010 Tallinn, Estonia. "Marisol" 522 points LC CAC  EMM`10
Estonian Master of lure coursing 2010
"Jager" 504 points LC CAC
"Eco" 502 points
"Bella" 497 points
"Ursula" 437 points
and same day on the show in Sankt-Petersburg:
"Maris" CAC, BOB, BIG3

8-05-2010 Pskov, Russia. "Liza"CAC, BOB, BIG1

Lure Coursing season 2010 is OPEN :))
We are very proud for oure kids and friends: 
Twilight "Jonas" is 464 poionts and  LC CAC
Umberto Circus Magicus "Eco" is 457 points
"Marisol"  is 455 points and LC CAC
"Jager"  is 452 points
"Bella" is 443 points
Ursula Circus Magicus is 396 points

18-04-2010 Wonderful gift to mom URSULA 4-th birthday!!!
  First time in Saint-Petersburg on the dog show" Whippet Club of Russia 2010"
"Marisol"  Champion of  Russian Whippet`s Club
"Liza" CC (Certificate of Candidate of Club CH)
Welcome, Spring 2010 ;)))
20-02-2010 Valmiere, Latvia. "Jager" CAC ,BOO
" Mersedez "JCAC=LV J CH

21-02-2010 Valmiera, Latvia. "Mersedez" CAC , BOB  and BIG5
"Maris" CAC and BOO

14-02-2010 Tallinn, Estonia. "Mersedez" JCAC= EST J CH and RUS J CH
We are glad to congratulate our friends  Julia and Marta with their
                                            photo: Tuuli Kauer

9-01-2010 Tartu, Estonia.  Good day for our big family
"Mersedez" JCAC BOOjunior
"Joonas" JCAC BOBjunior, BOO. Now he is BALTIK CH
AND wonderful WIN
Our gorgeous "Teodor" and dear friend (and photographer) Laura
BIS1 junior handler copetitions

12.12.2009 Born to Charm Marisol  FIN J W`09  
Judge was Jarmo Vuorinen , Finland kennel"Scheik`s"
Cruft`s qualifications 2010
13.12.2009 Born to Charm Mik Jager NORDIC J W`09
and 2-nd best dog!!!
Born to Charm Marisol  EX-3 in junior class
 our friend Twilight "Joonas" EX-2 in junior class
Judge was Paul Stanton, Sweden kennel"Tintavon"

Ursula Circus Magicus  first time in working class:
 9.10.2009 World Dog show, Bratislava
Judge Patsy Gilmour, ex1 and CAC
10.10.2009 Bratislava
  Judge Blutecher Knut, ex1 and CAC
 Ursula is now SLOVAKIAN CHAMPION!!!
    foto by Vasilij Romanenkov
working class ex1 URSULA CIRCUS MAGICUS
champion class ex1 DAYDREAM DI MAHANA

Super weekend!
Born to Charm Mik Jager JCAC BOB BIG1  BIS junior -1  BIS2!!!
Born to Charm Marisol  JCAC              
Thank you, Olga!

 Happy  Birthday!!!
 Mersedez, Maris,  Marisol, Bella,
Marco, Liza, Jager
 Ursula Circus Magicus "DERBY`09"

 Ursula was second best whippet (13 whippets) and first between standart whippets (6) .
Judge: Pertti Päivärinta
 Our young generation! Marisol and Mersedez .

Lure Coursing  EM`2009 25-26 july
  Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic
Delandros Archie Elliiot  - European Lure Coursing 2009 Winner!!!
Räp is son of our Teodor Circus Maximus
Congratulations! Janika ja Küllike!

Ursula and her brother Umberto Circus Magicus became the first whippets in Estonia who are
Lure Coursing  Champions!!!
 Ursula is now dual champion - both exterior and running champion!
                                                                                                   Ursula Circus Magicus on Lure Coursing 16-17.05.09 PHOTO

First achievements of puppies at the DOG SHOW!
 Первые успехи наших щенков на выставках собак!

june 2009
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